Katie has always been bewitched by chocolate. Growing up in Zimbabwe, such sweets were hard to come by, and a special treat. Hardly surprising, then, that she dove completely into the world of chocolate the second she had the chance! And following a spell working in various roles in London, becoming a full-time chocolatier as the queen of Chocanory has been a bit of a fairytale ending.

Enjoying chocolate: aged 2
Fairytales themselves (especially the dark ones!) are the key to Chocanory’s magic. More Grimm than Disney, our organic chocolate will whisk you into a forest of underlying scents and fond memories. For Katie, a waft of jasmine or orange blossom takes her straight back to holidays in Spain, while soothing sage reminds her of her grandfather’s farm in Oxfordshire, where she helped out as a child.

Not content to just eat chocolate, Katie decided she wanted to bathe in it too. Apparently lots of people shared this fantasy, because Chocanory’s scrumptious cocoa butter bath melts have been snapped up by eager Cleopatras. Massage bars, lip pots and gentle soaps followed, all enriched with that marvellous cacao, and the inventing goes on.

Feel free to contact us about your favourite flavours and drop a cheeky suggestion or two. Who knows? You may see your creme de menthe caramels or Marmite munchies come to life!