Adventures in chocolate

Here at Chocanory we never quite grew up. Chief chocolatier Katie believes in gorgeous goodies for all ages. She loves to cook up yummy nibs, scrubs and morsels inspired by the twisted tales of Burton and Poe, stirring in the excitement of beloved stories like The Faraway Tree and The Hobbit (not to mention a certain chocolate factory) for a delicious escape into childhood.

Hand-made tales - our handmade chocolates

All of our products are hand-made, crammed with natural flavours and use organic and fair-trade ingredients wherever possible.The top-notch cacao at the heart of each Chocanory box and pot comes from organic and ethical suppliers Willie's Cacao and Montecristi. We then mix in bergamot, chilli, salt, caramel - whatever takes our fancy, really - to create mischievous mixtures and truly wicked truffles.

Bean to bar chocolate

More recently at the Chocanory headquarters we have embarked on a new and exciting project, making our own chocolate from the bean, to the bar. Expect soon to see some exciting bars made with fair-trade, organic cacao from different origins and using exciting alternative ingredients, such as coconut blossom sugar and coconut milk.

Making chocolate magic

Everyone should be able to enjoy good chocolate. Not only has Katie tasted and worked with a wide range of cacao from all over the world, she also professionally judges chocolates for the International Chocolate Awards, not forgetting guiding chocolate tours for keen tasters; so she knows that tasting and enjoying chocolate is all about the quiver in the nostril and the tickle on the tongue. That moment where your jaw relaxes as the flavours flood through. It’s about the quirkiness and creativity. After all, we’re not sternly swilling wine here - even fine chocolate should be fun. And like a good fable, each Chocanory treat can be dark or surprising. That’s part of the adventure.